TrueTime: Simulation of Networked and Embedded Control Systems

NB: TrueTime requires to have Matlab 2012a or later installed, which should be arranged before the tutorial day. If you want to attend the hands on session for TrueTime but cannot arrange a version of Matlab, please contact the organizers.

TrueTime is a Matlab/Simulink-based simulator for real-time control systems. TrueTime facilitates co-simulation of controller task execution in real-time kernels, network transmissions, and continuous plant dynamics. Features of the simulator include

  • Simulation of complex controller timing due to code execution, task scheduling, and wired/wireless network communication.
  • Possibility to write tasks as M-files or C++ functions. It is also possible to call Simulink block diagrams from within the code functions
  • Network block (Ethernet, CAN, TDMA, FDMA, Round Robin, Switched Ethernet, FlexRay and PROFINET)
  • Wireless network block (802.11b WLAN and 802.15.4 ZigBee)
  • Battery-powered devices, Dynamic Voltage Scaling, and local clocks

Download: new link (TrueTime 2.0)
Installation instructions: README

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